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“You’re getting off on this aren’t you?” I asked, wiggling and twisting the handle of the brush, stimulating her deepest inner womb walls
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FacialCasting - Hardcore throatfuck and facial for russian pornstar (5 min) 1

Tiny FacialCasting – Hardcore throatfuck and facial for russian pornstar (5 min)

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I actually started to enjoy massaging my sis i liked the faked that I had so much power in my fingertips and it also made me sort of feel nice inside, i then, after her tummy, worked to just above her clit and started to massage around the rest of her vagina almost certain she would understand why im missing “this bit”, but no , she gently placed my hand on her slit and said stop doing a shoddy job, i then repeated you better show me the same service im giving you then, not knowing what i had just got myself into, i started to massage my sisters slit, she moaned louder than ever; but still my parents were in a heavy sleep, i realist that i was making her feel “good” and this is what some of the older girls called fingering, i wanted to make my sis feel as “good” as i could because i knew this was her first time, i started to feel a strange feeling in my slit whilst i was playing with my sisters clit although i didn’t know why, I explored all of my sisters slit and by the end she was practically screaming! she then tensed up all her body, not knowing at that time she was Cumming, i stopped and ask whether she was ok, she lay there for a while then said ok? O-k? I’m over the moon! Pleased she was fine i hugged her, she then went on to ask a question i could not answer, how did you do that? , me not knowing what to say shrugged my shoulders and said I’ve never done that before

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